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Air Conditioner Maintenance

Reliable AC Maintenance in Kirkland, WA

Your air conditioner works hard all summer long to keep your home cool so you and your family stay comfortable. The last thing you want is for it to unexpectedly break down, or malfunction, leaving you with no relief from the heat. The best way to avoid problems with your air conditioner is with regular AC maintenance in Kirkland, WA. You can rely on AMS Electric & HVAC to take care of your air conditioner so it takes care of you.

How Often Do I Need AC Maintenance?

For most of our customers, we recommend having your air conditioner inspected and maintained once a year. Ideally, that would happen at the beginning of the summer season, but it’s never too late. If your air conditioner is more than a decade old, or if you’ve had issues with it, you may want to consider having your AC maintained more often. Our technicians will help you figure out the schedule that works best.

How Does AC Maintenance in Kirkland, WA Work?

At AMC Electric & HVAC, we believe in working quickly, accurately, and efficiently. When our technicians arrive at your home, they’ll begin with a visual inspection of your AC’s exterior to check for any obvious leaks or other issues. Then, they’ll dive right into the inner workings of your unit, checking all the connections, parts, and components to make sure everything’s as it should be.

Do You Do Repairs During an AC Maintenance Visit?

We don’t just take a look at your air conditioner and provide you with a report about what’s wrong. If we find a problem during an AC maintenance visit to your home, we’ll make the repair right away. Our trucks are fully loaded with the parts, supplies, and tools our techs need so you don’t have to wait. Once we’re done, your air conditioner will be ready for whatever demands you make on it.

Schedule AC Maintenance in Kirkland, WA

If it’s been a while since you have had your air conditioner professionally maintained, contact us to schedule an appointment today. We’ll make sure your AC is ready and able to handle the heat so you don’t have to.

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