Like every other machinery, the furnace also has a specific age bracket, i.e., 10-15 years; as time passes, the furnace’s performance keeps decreasing. When the system ages, it starts asking for more and more servicing and are vulnerable to sudden breakdown. Check your calendar and calculate the age of your furnace today. If it is older than the given bracket, then consider swapping it with an energy-efficient system NOW. AMS Electric and HVAC specialize in furnace replacement in Kent, WA. We not only provide you furnace replacement but also guide you with the tips for your furnace’s long-efficient life.

We understand that this is going to be a massive investment for you. Thus we make sure to offer you perfection. Clean, fresh, and pure air is your right, so we ensure that we deliver it to you through the best furnace. After analyzing your place and needs, our professionals suggest the add-ons, which will add the cherry to your comfort.

How do you know that your furnace needs replacement?

  • Not everything old is gold. As mentioned before, a furnace’s life span is 10-15 years. Beyond that, getting it repaired will not be a wise decision.
  • Suppose the system is demanding constant repairs. Do not pay more, and consider replacing it.
  • Go through your bills if it increases with time, stop paying any more for the comfort you are not getting and say yes to replacement of furnace.
  • Do not get used to the furnace’s loud noises from an old furnace heat exchanger.
  • With time efficiency keeps on decreasing, which will bother you once the season reaches its peak. Why wait?

Types of furnaces:

  •   Gas furnace:These are most common in US households. The initial expenses are less than other types of furnaces. It will heat your place in no time if kept maintained.
  •   Electric furnace:It is best for a compact home. It is cheaper than the gas furnace, but the electricity rate is more. It is best for the areas where winter temperatures are comparatively less.
  •   Oil furnaces:Less used but effective in heating.

Another thing to consider is to use a licensed company for furnace replacement. The furnace is costly equipment and needs to be installed only by professionals. If a rookie installs the furnace, it can decrease the life of your furnace. The trained technician will consider every aspect before installing the furnace. AMS Electric and HVAC furnace replacement in Kent, WA, understand the calculation that roams around furnace installation.

Taking all the precautions AMS Electric and HVAC team calculates the heat required for your home. As per the sizing, select the capacity of the furnace. Considering all the aspects which will increase warmth without power wastage, we initiate the installation process. A genuine professional touch is important because if the installed furnace is wrong and potential leak points from where heat can sneak, then the furnace’s load would increase. It will result in high power bills and low warmth. Call now to schedule an appointment (425) 681-8363.